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About Mount Pleasant Christian School

Every system of education displays a particular understanding of reality that is reflected in its educational philosophy. The educational philosophy of MPCS and the Accelerated Christian Education (A.C.E.) curriculum is distinct and clear in its beliefs. God is the authoritative source for all knowledge and He shapes the Christian’s view of reality with regard to time, matter, and mankind. The Bible is the ultimate Truth, and is the foundation used in the A.C.E. curriculum to understand God, time, matter, and humanity.

Every child is unique with vast potential, but is dependent on others for spiritual, physical, mental, and behavioral development. Therefore, a student who enrolls in MPCS Home School should be educated as a whole child, and that education should be based upon a Biblical worldview.

Education should be available to all children. Therefore, MPCS endeavors to expand its educational opportunities to parents/guardians and children of all abilities and all racial, economic, and cultural backgrounds who desire this educational base and are willing to accept the school’s standards.

Every child develops at a unique, individual pace based upon his or her developmental level, learning patterns, motivation, and academic potential. The MPCS Home School program is designed and prescribed to assist each student in achieving a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ, in developing a Christ-like character, in laying a strong academic foundation, and in realizing his optimum potential for physical, spiritual and mental maturity.