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MPCS hosts year-round, open enrollment. A parent/guardian may enroll their children in the home school program by arranging an interview with the MPCS Administrator and completing enrollment application forms which are available from the MPCS office.

During the interview, the parent/guardian will schedule their children to undergo diagnostic testing. The children may take the test on the Internet at at no cost or use school-issued paces for a non-refundable fee of $25 to recover the cost of the paces. The purpose of this test is to determine the student’s aptitude within the A.C.E. curriculum and ensure that each student is appropriately placed academically.


MPCS offers the following services to parents/guardians who choose to home school:

The Accelerated Christian Education Curriculum (A.C.E.) curriculum may be purchased through MPCS and you maintain your own 
academic records, or

1.  Other home school curriculum may be used and you maintain your own academic records, or

2.  MPCS will maintain your children’s academic records for a fee of $350 (per family) annually.

3.  A.C.E. curriculum for 1st through 3rd grades is about $600/year; the cost for 4th through 12th grade curriculum is about $400 annually.

The record-keeping fee may be paid in 10 monthly installments of $35 and is due one month in advance or you may choose to pay by the quarter or year. However, the curriculum and/or material must be paid in full before an order can be placed.

MPCS accepts cash, personal checks, money orders, or certified bank checks.  MPCS reserves the right to withhold report cards, transcripts, diplomas, and any other student record if the student’s account is in default. The records will only be issued when the account is current or paid in full.


MPCS offers home school enrollment for adults who wish to complete course requirements to earn a High School Diploma. Contact a staff member at MPCS for more information.